Dedicated to Your Success . . .


As our Author, you are entitled to . . .


Our Dedication:  You will receive individual commitment and attention at a level that larger corporate publishers cannot provide.


The Power to Decide:  You will retain the decision-making discretion in the editorial direction and pedagogy of your work.


Financial Reward:  Uncapped, competitive, and flexible compensation structure for sales of your work is payable to you, or your department.

Quality:  Your work will be published using the most advanced technology, media and processes.


As an Instructor . . .

You Will Have Published!  Publishing is an integral part of every academic's goals. The Dorset Group helps professors and instructors to achieve that goal on their terms.

It Is Your Book:  A text you publish with The Dorset Group will be the brainchild of your research, your structure, and your style.

Students Will Read Your Book:  Your book will follow your syllabus, and most satisfyingly, your students will read it from cover to cover.


Your Students . . .

Learn More:  Since your book correlates to what you teach, you are providing your students with a valuable, ever-present cogent resource to read, use and keep on their bookshelves for future reference.

Save Money:  Your students will use 100% of your book, getting 100% return on their purchase investment. In addition, The Dorset Group leverages resources and technology to produce textbooks at a lower cost than larger educational publishers -- we pass this savings on to your students.

Enjoy Your Course:  You designed your research and your teaching to be effective and thought-provoking. When reflected in your book, your students benefit from the intellectual path you have forged to explore, understand, analyze and master the material.

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