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An original work, a casebook, collected articles, a complete textbook, a little supplement to complement the text . . . 


Envision your own textbook, supplement, or a completely different text project. Dorset publishes a wide variety of academic resources by both experienced and first-time authors. 

We endeavor in projects large and small. Our academic editors can work with an English department team to conceptualize and develop a text designed to teach an entire first-year writing course at a large state university.  We also work with instructors who want to publish a small case study supplement or study guide to complement a hardcover text.  And of course, there are innumerable possibilities in between. 

Following are a few examples of what professors and instructors have published previously.  Keep in mind however, that we always welcome manuscript proposals that forge new paths to learning.

  • An original work
  • Text supplement
  • A combination of your original work and previously published materials
  • Collection of articles or cases
  • Case studies
  • Collection of practical scenarios to illustrate academic theories
  • Study Guides
  • Lecture notes or slides - either developed into a text or published as a supplement
  • Exercises
  • Lab manual
  • Collection of chapters from previously published textbooks
  • Anthology
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